Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Memo From Mattie

HI, GUYS!!! I'm so glad that it is summer vacation now because I don't have to do anymore school! I like learning, but sometimes it's nice to take a break. I did pretty good on the CRCT (Criterion-Referenced Competency Test). I exceeded in all subjects! The subject that I got the highest score in was reading. In the sixth-grade reading, you must get over 850 points to exceed, and I got 893 points! I was really proud of myself.

This week, I've been a little tired. Yesterday, when I woke up I just went upstairs, said good morning, and laid down on the couch with a pillow and blanket! Today, I feel a little better, but I am hot from going outside to play basketball with my brother. My temp went all the way up to 100.3 degrees! My mom said that my face was the color of a fire engine.

Yesterday I went to see my ENT. ENT stands for Ear, Nose, and Throat. I had to go there because I have a really bad ear infection in my right ear. It's been there for a couple of weeks, and it won't go away. When we were at the doctor's office yesterday, a doctor named Dr. Ellen had to suction out my ear. She put something that looked like a straw in my ear, and it sucked out the goop in my ear. It felt weird, and one time it hurt a lot. I was glad when they were done. We have tried ear drops for my infection, but they aren't working, so I might need to take an oral medicine. The good news about that is that I don't mind taking pills, and if the medicine is a liquid, my mom can put it through my G-Tube so I won't have to taste it. Another reason I had to go to see the ENT was because I have thrush. It does not hurt or anything like that, but it won't go away, just like my ear infection.

At 2:00 pm today, my nurse Ms. Suzie is coming. Ms. Suzie's real name is Marie-Suzette, but we call her Suzie for short. I really like Ms. Suzie because she is funny, she likes the same music that I do, and we paint our nails together. Ms. Suzie braids my hair every time that she comes; sometimes with one or two large braids, sometimes with a whole bunch of small ones. My PT (PT stands for physical therapist) Ms. Leigh, is also coming at 2:00. She has me working on my hamstring stretches and yoga. I don't like stretching, but I love yoga. My favorite poses are the tree pose, the warrior pose, and the triangle pose. Some people think that yoga is boring, but I think that it is fun.

I've been trying to practice my piano a bit more recently. My Top Three Songs are :

1. House of the Rising Sun

2. Fur Elise

3. The Piano-Playing Chocolate Eater's Blues (this last one is really cool. Maybe I'll take a video of it for you sometime!)

I practice these songs more than any of the others. Even though I have a piano in my room that my grandmother gave me, I usually practice on my keyboard. This is because the piano not tuned, so some of my songs sound weird.

Another one of my hobbies is reading. I can read almost anything! My CRCT test results show that I have a high school or college reading level. My favorite types of books are Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Historical books. Even though I like these best, I also enjoy reading things like "The Book of Useless Information" and "Words You Should Know to Sound Smart." Sometimes I read dictionaries for fun.

Well, I hope that you guys enjoy reading this post and that you have a wonderful day! Bye!!!

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