Saturday, November 29, 2014

I'm a busy, busy girl!

Hey everyone!
Sorry it's been a while since I blogged! I had a lot of stuff going on -- most of which you probably know about, and some that you don't.
Did you guys know that 9 days ago I had surgery? Yep. They were placing ANOTHER tube inside my body! (Because a G-tube and a port aren't enough, right?) But it went pretty well, actually.
Pros of surgery:
- We weren't in the hospital for long
- I got candy and a new book!
- Hopefully, the tube makes my life a little easier.
Cons of surgery:
- It was surgery. Duh.
- Pain.... and the doctors in the recovery room kept offering me Tylenol, which I can't have!
- I was stuck in the hospital. With nothing to do except read my new book.
- Another tube?! You've gotta be kidding me!

Yeah, that pretty much sums up the entire thing.

What else has been going on? Well, did you know that a few weeks ago, my sister got her driver's license? She can't drive me or my brother (or any of her friends) for another 6 months, but she can drive herself around! ....If only we had another car.

Thanksgiving was crazy, but that's pretty normal. We went to my Nana and Opa's house (we being me, my sister, my brother, and our parents). Our cousins Megan, Savannah, and Mackenzie were there; Megan brought her husband and sister-in-law; Mackenzie brought her boyfriend, and so on. The food was absolutely AMAZING!!!! My dad made his sweet potato souffle (which is to die for), my aunt brought her famous cheesy mashed potatoes, my Opa cooked the turkey, I made the dressing, and everyone had something for dessert!! I went back for thirds, even though I wasn't hungry anymore, just because it tasted so good!

I'm working to catch up on my schoolwork that I missed while I was in the hospital. Yesterday, I started -- and finished! -- a 5 minute long video titled "The Life of a Sick Kid" for Language Arts and answered some reading questions for AP Human Geography. I'm planning on doing some work on eDesign (also known as the site where we work in Yearbook Class) today.

Yesterday, I checked my email for the first time since the hospital. There was one unread message in my inbox from my science teacher, Ms. Wilson. She hadn't put anything in the subject line, so I had no idea what the email was about. When I opened it, I was really surprised!!!! Ms. Wilson said something about hoping my surgery and recovery went well... and at the end, she added on something about the science fair, which was last Tuesday! She said that my science fair project made it to the top 10 in the entire SCHOOL!!! This was my first time ever participating in a science fair, and I'm only a freshman, so I was pretty shocked! And because I made it to the top 10, I'm going on to the regional science fair in February!!!!

So, as you can tell, there's a lot of stuff going on right now! I'm really excited about what this all will do for me later -- both in and out of school.
Have a great weekend, everyone!
~ Mattie <3

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick or Treat!

So, as you most likely noticed, last night was Halloween!
My family and I almost didn't go trick-or-treating, because it was supposed to rain and be really cold. My dad told us that we could either go trick-or-treating, or we could go out to eat and then have movie night; when we voted, we ended up going trick-or-treating.
I wasn't sure which costume I was going to wear. I had two -- one of them was a duct tape Elsa dress that I made for my church's duct tape contest, and the other one was a witch dress that I wore last year. I wasn't sure that I wanted to wear duct tape out with my friends, but I didn't want to wear the costume that they had seen me in last year, either! But one of my awesome nurses, Ms. Kristi, had brought her costume (yes, she dressed up and went with us), and she let me try it on. It was a Hermione Granger outfit -- you know, from Harry Potter? -- with a red and gold cloak, scarf, and even a time-turner accessory! (If you want to know what a time-turner is, read the book. It's from #3, The Prisoner of Azkaban.) And not only did it look cool, but it fit perfectly too! My mom made my hair kind of wavy, and pretty frizzy/messy, so it would look like Hermione's in the movie. So for the rest of the night, and some of this morning, I looked like, acted like, and even talked like one of my favorite characters!
However, since I had taken Ms. Kristi's costume, she didn't have one to wear! However, she had brought a white shirt and black pants to wear under the cloak, and I had an idea when looking through some of our Halloween stuff: She would be Snow White from the show Once Upon a Time! She wore the white shirt, black pants, a white belt, boots, and a fake dagger. Because Ms. Kristi has dark blonde/light brown hair, she didn't exactly look like Snow White, so we told everyone that she was a huntress.
My sister, Aly, wore all black, a pair of cat ears, and my dad drew some whiskers on her face. Huh... her costume kinda went with the nickname my nurse Ms. Katie has for her, which is Aly-Cat! One of the other younger girls we were trick-or-treating with is named Allison, and she was also wearing a cat costume -- although Allison's was more of a leopard. We all called them "the two Aly-Cats!"
James wore one of my sister's old karate uniforms and belt. He kept pretending to attack everyone, which was a little annoying, but the costume did look like it was made for him! And his friend, Kevin, who currently does the same kind of karate as my sister, was also wearing a karate uniform. And Kevin's brother, TJ, was wearing a ninja outfit. They all matched each other, and none of it was planned!
We went around the entire neighborhood, and then we went over to Kevin's house. After a couple minutes, everyone decided that they wanted to go to ANOTHER neighborhood to get more candy! I couldn't go because it was starting to sprinkle, and my wheelchair can't get wet. Kaylee (Kevin's other sister) couldn't go either, because of her chair. And TJ didn't go, I don't know why. TJ and I ended up going around the neighborhood again -- and when we got back, everyone else gave us a handful of their candy, since they got a lot and we hadn't been able to go with them!
By the time we got back home and got in bed, it was around ten o'clock. So today, I am tired! But it was totally worth it.