Monday, September 17, 2012

Things My Teachers Should Know About Me

Things My Teacher Should Know About Me
By Mattie Lorenzen

Yesterday I realized that my teachers and therapists at school do not know me very well, so I thought that I should make this list of things that you should know about me.

1.   Even though I’m in a wheelchair, I can walk. I use my wheelchair when I get tired, or to keep me from getting tired.
2.   I have a hearing aid called a BAHA. BAHA stands for Bone-anchored Hearing Aid.When I don't have it on I can only hear out of my left ear. When I do have it on I can hear on both sides. Background noise makes it hard for me to hear either way.
3.   I cannot wear headphones.
4.   It bothers me when you make assumptions of things I can’t do because I’m in a wheelchair. You should ask for my input instead of making assumptions.
5.   I do not like being pulled out of the room in the middle of class. I really like school, and I don’t ever want to miss anything.
6.   Because my hand gets tired when I write too much, I like typing better than writing. You will always get better work from me when I have a computer to type on.
7.   If you have a question about me, ask ME! I know myself pretty well! My IEP has a lot of information, too.

It is most frustrating to me when you treat me like I am not capable of doing anything. I am smart and eager to learn. When I’m not at school, I like to read and play the piano. I am capable of many things.  Please take the time to get to know me better!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Surgery

Yesterday I went to the hospital for my surgery. We had to wake up at 5:00 am so that we could get there at 6:00! That seemed really early to me, since I usually wake up at 9:30! So we got to the hospital, and my mom got me checked in. We waited for a while in the waiting room, and then the nurse called my name. We went back into our room, and I got weighed, my temperature, blood pressure, and pulse were taken, and they measured how tall I was. Then I had to put on the hospital gown that they gave me.

 The nurse came into the room and said we had to do the breathing treatment. I really hate doing it! It doesn't taste, smell, or feel good. I tried to hide my face in the pillow so that it wouldn't get into my face, but my mom made me take my face out of the pillow. I cried because I didn't want to do the treatment, and I didn't want to have a surgery, and I didn't want to be in the hospital at all!

The anesthesiologist came into the room, and talked with my mom about my picc line, putting in an IV, how they would put me to sleep, and stuff like that. When he went out, Dr. Brand, who was going to place my port, came in, he discussed how long the procedure would take, and which side he would put the port on. When he went out, Dr. Herrmann, my ENT, came in. Dr. Herrmann was going to change my ear tunes and my BAHA post.

I can't remember very well, but I think that I woke up before they took me to the recovery room. I fell back to sleep, after a couple of minutes there. When I woke up again, the nurse took me back to Mommy and Daddy. I laid in the bed for a while, but then I realized something: the pain on my chest was not where the port was supposed to be. "Mommy, where is my port?" I asked. She told me that it was on my sternum, which was NOT where we told the doctor to put it! In fact, we told Dr. Brand NOT to put it there! That made Mama really mad. Then she told me that my blood pressure had gotten really low while I was is the OR, so they hooked up my IV. She was walking around the room, and then she walked right past the IV bag. Mommy glanced at it for a second, and then the said, "Wait. Does that bag say 'Lactated Ringers'?" It did! Kids with mitochondrial myopathy aren't supposed to have lactated ringers, because they can be really bad for them. She talked to the anesthesiologist, and found out that they had bolused lactated ringers into me in the OR! She got REALLY mad then!

Right now I'm at home, sitting on the couch, typing up this blog post. I can't get up from the couch without someone helping me, because it hurts too much. I also can't move my left arm around too much, or it hurts. And every once in a while, I get a sharp burst of pain in my left lower back. My mom isn't sure why any of this is happening, because I was only a little bit sore when I got my last port. She thinks maybe it's because of where the port is placed. I think that might be it, too. Mommy says that she doesn't like Dr. Brand anymore, because he put the port where we told him not too. She said that he'll never, ever do another of my surgeries again! She even said, "If you were in the hospital, and you started to lose your leg, and Dr. Brand was the only doctor in the hospital, I'd drive you to another hospital!"

Well, I'm glad that I'm feeling better than I was yesterday, and that my brother and sister are finally coming home from my Nana and Opa's house today! It's been a little boring without them here. I can't wait for Aly to come and talk with me and hug me, and for James to play with me. I'm even missing James annoying me!

I hope that you all have a great weekend! Thank you so much for all of the prayers and love you've been sending! I am so glad to have friends, classmates, and church members like you guys! You're awesome!!!!!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Poem

Hey guys! I wrote this poem for my Language Arts class, and I thought maybe you'd like to read it! It's a story that I made up about Gabby Douglas. I hope you like it!

Her heart was pounding as fast as a car can race,
She was shaking, and there were beads of sweat on Gabby’s face.
It was her turn to perform on the Olympic uneven bars,
People stared at Gabby like she was an alien from Mars!
She jumped up, grabbed on, started to swing,
Then her hand slipped, rubbed on the bar, and started to sting
She seemed as graceful as a small cat
Until she lost her grip and tumbled to the mat
The light reflected off of her shiny leotard,
While she fell and landed on her back, hard.
Some people laughed at poor Gabby’s mistake,
But she stood firm, solid, Gabby did not quake or shake
Gabby wasn’t at all nervous when she began to swing again,
She twisted, she turned, and she was as fast and graceful as the wind.
Gabby jumped, she twirled, and she spun upon the bars,
The gashes of mistake turned into healing scars.
“You were beautiful! Brilliant!” Gabby was told
She was so surprised and happy when awarded with the gold!
So don’t be afraid to take a second chance,
If you mess up, be like Gabby, and twist and twirl and dance!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sorry I haven't posted anything for so long!!!

I am a little nervous because I am having surgery on September 14th. I'm going to get a new port (and I'm glad that it'll be bigger--the last one they put in was the smallest one they make!), and I'm getting new ear tubes for both ears. I am also getting my BAHA post changed to a longer one (the one I have right now is too short, and skin is growing over it). I've had two operations done at the same time, but I've  never had three in one! My mom says the BAHA post doesn't count as a surgery, because it is really easy and they could've done it in the doctor's office, but I'm still nervous about it!

I'm really really really really really really REALLY excited! We're getting a new chihuahua! His name is Petitas, which means small, and he is only 6 months old!!!!! Mama says we're oing to change his name...and my dad and I want to name him Mr. Quivers! That's what we wanted to name Paco, because he shakes all of the time, but no one else wanted to name Paco Mr. Quivers. My dad is going to bring Petitas home tonight so that we can meet him. He really is small, and he is black all over. I can't wait to see him!!!!!! : )   : )   : )  He is SO CUTE in the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!