Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Our dog, CeeLo, is driving us all crazy! : ) Yeah, he's just a puppy, but he's the strangest puppy I have ever seen!

CeeLo is not exactly what you would call a good-looking dog..... Some people call him funny-looking, some say he's ugly, and my dad likes to say that he is "unique looking." But underneath that, he is the cutest, most adorable puppy you have ever seen!

CeeLo likes to give us lots of kisses.....and when I say lots, I mean LOTS of kisses! He is also very cuddly, and likes to lay in your lap and be petted on. It's really cute and sweet, of course, but every once in a while it can get a little, well, annoying. I mean, you try doing school, checking your email, and working while there is a dog in your lap that refuses to move! (The dog refuses to move, not your lap!)

And when our little puppy isn't be petted on, held, or is asleep, then he's out to destroy everything in the house! This, however, I must blame on the Chihuahua species in general. Did you know that almost all Chihuahuas are "fixers"? They will take some object, chew and tear it up, and then bring it to you, acting all proud of what they did! And CeeLo especially loves to "fix" his toys.......usually the toys that are filled with stuffing! We usually walk into a room to find the floor covered with fluff and bits of cloth that used to be toys.

I'm guessing that after you read this, you will vow not to ever buy or adopt a Chihuahua! But don't worry.... not all of them are like this! : ) CeeLo is "special", as my dad would say......and when he says it, I can never tell if that's a good thing, or a bad one!

Friday, March 1, 2013

My Name

In Language Arts, I had to go research the origin and meaning of my name, and then write a paragraph about it. I didn't know names could have meanings like this, did you? Read it and tell me what you think! Maybe even do some of your own research, and post a comment about what your name means.

My name is Mattie Jeanne Lorenzen. It means hope, courage, strength in battle. My name means God is Gracious, and tells that He cares. My name reminds me of music, dancing, songs, and joy. I used to wish for another name, one that was prettier.... Crystal, Jasmine, Hope.... sometimes I wished that I had my sister's name, Alyssa, thinking it was much nicer than my own. But now that I know what it means, and why my parents gave it to me, I love it, and never want another name. Instead of wanting to be named Hope, my name now gives me hope. And faith. And joy, and so many other things.