Saturday, June 16, 2012


I AM SO EXCITED!!!! My mom got my MDA Summer Camp packet in the mail today! Mama will drop me off at Camp Rock 'N' Roll on July 1st, and pick me up and the 6th. On Sunday, the first day of camp, some bikers will come and do the camp activities with us. On Monday, we will have a luau with music, games, and swimming. On Tuesday the theme will be Los Vegas and we will have and talent show.  I will either play a song on the piano or sing for the talent show, because I enjoy and am good at both. Wednesday's theme will be America! They will have food, a band playing music, and then a video to celebrate our country. Texas will be Thursday's theme.

I can't wait to go to Camp Rock 'N' Roll! I am soooooo excited. There are exactly 15 days until camp starts. I'll write another post for you guys either right before camp or right after. Bye!!!!


  1. hey Mattie i loved being at camp with you! i had soooo much fun and i hope to talk to you soon! (this is Miriam)

  2. I loved being at camp with you, too, Miriam! I hope we can both go again next year. :)