Friday, February 28, 2014

Career Day at my school

Hey everyone! Sorry that it's been so long since my last post. There's been a lot going on between school, training my adorable service puppy, doctor's appointments, etc.... All the usual stuff.

School is going really well -- I love my teachers, and my classmates are nice too! It is so... well, just so different from homeschooling (if you are reading this, no offense, mom)! Yesterday at school was career day. A bunch of different people came to our school and were talking to all of the 8th grade classes about their jobs, and what we might want to be when we grow up. My nurse, Ms. Katie, and I were joking about it after school -- we both agreed that it was probably the craziest career day the school has ever had!

  • In science, a lady named Ms. Laura talked to us about her job as a epidemiologist (I really hope that's how you spell it). She said that she works with the CDC, but her job specifically is to study patterns in diseases or health risks. She was nice, and her job sounded pretty cool.
  • In math, another lady talked to us about her job. She works with IT (Information Technology), which includes smartphones, computers, laptops, projectors, printers, scanners..... There was a LOT! I never knew that Information Technology included all of those devices.
  • Then, in social studies, we met a famous football player named Morten Andersen. He was an exchange student from Denmark, can speak 5 languages (which I thought was pretty cool), and played on 4-5 football teams. He was also a gymnast, track and field runner, and a pole vaulter before he started playing football -- and, he used to be in a chorus, like me!
  • In language arts (my last class of the day), we talked to a lady named Joanne Shaw. She was a veterinarian, and told us about what her job was like. Ms. Shaw also had some funny/crazy stories about animals, like the time she took an X-ray of a dog, and saw a pool ball in its stomach, or when a family saw a dog, injured, by the side of the road and brought it to her... and it turned out to be a coyote! And the craziest story? Ms. Shaw came up to me after her presentation and said, "Hi, Mattie!" I was thinking, How does she know my name? But then she said, "You probably don't know who I am, but your Aunt Becky is actually my best friend!" ... It's a small world, huh?
Well, I hope you guys have a great day, and I will try to post again soon!
~ Mattie <3