Sunday, July 19, 2015

Speedy Sunday

I know I've already posted two different things this week... but today was so exciting, I just had to tell you guys!
I didn't do a whole lot today. I slept in this morning, and ended up skipping church because I was still kinda tired. My mom and I stayed home while everyone else went; she and I cleaned up some, and then we just sat around (me on my phone, her on her computer). When the rest of the family got home, my parents left to go shopping for school supplies. My siblings and I did a little more tidying up, and then I played around on Facebook and YouTube (I'm watching this awesome anime show called Fairy Tail... I may have gotten my brother addicted to it as well!).
When my parents got back home, my mom told me to go get dressed -- because yes, I was still wearing my pajamas. I asked where we were going... but she didn't really give me an answer, and just sent me to put on some regular clothes. When I came back upstairs, she kinda threw my phone (which contains my learner's permit and library card) at me, and we left. I was still confused, but got in the car anyways.
She drove us to this gigantic church parking lot. Our car was the only one there, and there were no other people around. I started to get excited, figuring out what was going on... and my suspicions were confirmed when she got out of the car and switched seats with me!! My mom showed me how to use the blinkers, put the car in reverse, park, brake, and turn. It was absolutely AWESOME!!!!!
I will admit that I nearly hit the curb. Multiple times. But hey, this was my first time behind the wheel! The fact that I didn't hit anything is pretty impressive -- to me, anyways.
After about an hour or so, my mom asked if I wanted to drive home! I was pretty shocked/excited/terrified, and of course I immediately said yes!! So we took some back roads to get back to our house, driving very. Very. Slowly. When I first saw another car (some guy working for Papa John's) behind us, I kinda freaked out, thinking I would have to start speeding up. Thankfully, he didn't follow us for long, and I never actually had to go faster. Of course, I did face a different, scarier obstacle... cars coming the opposite direction! I may or may not have screamed when I saw the first one. (And the second, and third.)
But, we did make it home without hitting anything! I got awfully close to the curb a few times, but never hit it. I managed to pull into the driveway without driving into the mailbox -- bonus!!!

I wonder if anyone will take me out again tomorrow....
~ Mattie (soon-to-be NASCAR driver!)


  1. Hi Mattie,
    Well, Congratulations on your first time behind the wheel!
    Well Done Mom, too, grin.

    To share a chuckle (NOT funny AT the time) was the first time my DAD took me out on the back country road. By the time I'd gotten down our loooooong driveway to the road, opened and closed the gate, and turned onto the main road, I thought my Dad was going to explode. His face was bright red (mind you, I'd done everything RIGHT) from holding his breath. So I pulled over and simply said: "Clearly this isn't going to work. I'll practice with someone else". The back story is my Dad was a retired Lt Col and I'd NEVER said ANY version of "No" to him in my entire life, lol. So this was HUGE on my part. I swear he sighed with relief. Ha, and he lead troops all over the world\! Silly menfolk.
    No biggie learning wise, as I was in Drivers Ed (another fun story). Even tho there were 15 people in my class, ALL behind-the-wheel time was devoted to me. See we'd just moved out to the country, where EVERYONE grew up behind the wheel of some sort of vehicle since they were knee high to a grasshopper. They ALL knew how to drive WELL. (They were only taking the class for the insurance discount, grin). They called me their city girl, as I'd NEVER been behind the wheel of ANYTHING, lol. Welllllll at first they made TONS of fun of me. Talk about miserable. And then my Teacher had a stroke of genius. He said: If Lu passes the final test, everyone passes. If she fails ALL of you fail. Suddenly I had the BEST rooting section in the entire state, lol. And yes, we all passed with flying colors, grin.

    Eager to hear your forthcoming driving stories.
    You're rocking these milestones! Love you wanted to share them with us.
    Prayers flowing as always.....
    Ms Lu & Mocha

    1. Haha those are some pretty awesome driving stories!! Truly an incredible move on your teacher's part! :)