Friday, July 17, 2015

Free-verse Friday

When the TV is on, but nobody's really watching,
When the dogs are all laid out on the couch and floor,
When they're hyper and running all over the place,
When you can wear whatever, whenever,
When there's some song you know playing in the other room,
When you can sing along and no one judges,
When it doesn't matter whether your shoes are on or off,
When you just can't find the matching shoe,
When you can read a book in peace and quiet,
When there's no peace or quiet to be found,
When dinner is magically served right on time,
When you have to brave the fridge to find your dinner,
When everyone's arguing over who gets the computer,
When you complain about the phone dying - but it's currently charging,
When someone spills juice on the carpet, but no one knows who,
When no one wants to take the dogs outside ("it's your turn!"),
When you have a headache and shut yourself in your room for an hour, and no one questions it,
When they all welcome you back when you feel better,
When you want to kill anyone who suggests you take a nap,
And when you go pass out on your bed voluntarily around noon the next day...

That's when you know you're at home.

1 comment:

  1. What a neat (and exceptional) home you live in.
    HOORAY for every single one of those things you posted!
    Keep writing!

    Prayer-songs for you and your family continue to flow steadily.....
    Ms Lu