Sunday, October 19, 2014


Do you have any idea how awesome puppies are?! They're, like, ALWAYS warm, even in the middle of winter. They almost always love to cuddle (there's one curled up in my lap right now). They can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, as long as they're comfy enough. There adorable, and fun, and playful. We call Paco my  "therapy dog", because whenever I feel bad or sick or anything like that, he comes over and sits on me. He growls, and sometimes snaps at, anyone who tries to touch me if he doesn't think I'm okay! And then there's Raphah, my kinda-sorta service dog. He's super playful, and it's hilarious to watch him zooming in circles around the house when he feels hyper!! And it's pretty cool, trying to teach him tricks and things. If our dog Chloe was a person, she would probably be a model or something! She's really pretty... but also, very picky and can be grouchy at times. Cee-Lo is like the baby, even though he's older than Raphah. Cee-Lo can be found sitting in a lap, sleeping on the couch, or snuggling in a blanket. He is like a heater: constantly emitting heat! And he falls asleep so easily, and doesn't like to wake up.

My puppies are all wonderful!! : )  Just like us humans, they all have their different personalities and qualities. But in a way, they are almost better. They know when you're upset; they can make you laugh without even really trying to; they're just plain ADORABLE!!!! I love them so, so, SO much. <3

~ Mattie

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  1. Hi Mattie,
    Sounds like you've got a houseful of love-on-four-feet! AND your own personal heating-blankets, grin.
    Yup, pups are superb at taking us "as is". If we all were more like them, we'd change the world!
    Happy Day. (Mocha sends tail wags and playful greetings).
    Ms Lu