Monday, October 6, 2014

Camp Twin-Lakes and Some Poetry

Hey everyone!!!
So, yesterday my family and I got home from Camp Twin-Lakes. It was a ton of fun!!! The theme was "Under the Stars Wars", so everything was Star Wars-related. There was a scavenger hunt and a raffle for 8 Star Wars Angry Birds stuffed animals, and I won Chewbacca! He was the cutest one. On Saturday night (or was it Sunday?) they played one of the Star Wars movies in the gym. And on the first night, Friday, they had a dance party... which wasn't really Star Wars, but it was still super fun!! I learned the moves to the song "Happy" by Pharrel Williams. My friends Katie and Addi (and their parents and siblings, of course) shared our cabin. And Katie and I were in charge of calling out the numbers for Bingo before almost every meal!! It was super, super, super fun!!!!!!

On the way to Twin-Lakes, I was kinda bored, so I started writing a poem. I'm really proud of this one -- it's my longest poem yet, and all of the verses really connect to each other. At least, that's what I think.... feel free to leave feedback/criticism in the comments section! Oh, and I haven't been able to think of a title, so if you have any ideas, please share!!

Jess was often called the "fairest of the fair"
'Cause she had bright, sky-blue eyes
And long, golden hair.
She was followed 'round by all of her friends;
She read so many magazines, 
And followed all the trends.
But Jess acted like she was better
Than everyone she knew.
She wasn't always super-nice,
Made others feel quite blue.
It took a while for this beauty to see
She was losing friends --
By the time she noticed, 'twas too late
For her to make amends.

Pearl could be described by people she'd just met
As a diva, a drama queen, Shakespeare's Juliet.
She wants to impress, so she chooses to lie --
What a tangled web she weaves; what large knots she ties!
She'll tell you, "I'm a princess
With a tiara made of jewels."
But if you were to believe her,
You would be a fool.
And when her friends find out the lies,
They sigh and walk away;
For they will not be friends with someone
Who, the truth, won't say.

Tris is always very quiet,
She is really shy. 
If you want to ask her something, 
You will have to pry!
Tris stands in the corner with
Her back against the wall...
She has few friends to catch her if she
Stumbles and she falls.
Tris loves her teachers, has a few friends,
But is scared of all the rest --
Mostly because she was once put down
By a pretty girl, named Jess.

Liz is always studious,
She always gets good grades.
She was the first to get her license
And a job that pays.
Liz doesn't have a Facebook,
She doesn't go to parties.
She doesn't want to be teased
Or called "nerd", "geek", or "smartie."
She doesn't hang out all that much;
She has never laughed or played --
Never, that is, until the girl
Met someone else named May.

May is super sweet and caring,
And she keeps up with her grades;
She's pretty and kind,
And her smile never fades.
She won't hang out with Jess or Pearl,
She says they are too mean.
But May is still friendly -- even popular!
She was voted Homecoming Queen.
Even Tris is May's friend,
And they love to talk together.
May's kindness and caring will never end --
No, they will last forever.

~ Mattie <3

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  1. Hi Mattie,
    Sooooo GLAD you had LOADS of fun! Definitely sounds like good stuff!
    Superb poem.
    Hmmm Titles? All the ones I can think of are too preachy. Hope you get some good ideas.
    Lifting you up, as always, and yup, your family too.
    Ms Lu