Thursday, October 16, 2014

I am.......

I have hobbies.

I play the piano, read, write (um, duh?), I hang out with friends, I study, I sing, I dance (not very well), I draw, paint, and (try to) sketch.
I take care of my dogs, I play video games, I will (occasionally) go on my phone or Facebook. I (kind of) exercise on the Wii Fit, I volunteer at my church for the Worship and Drama Team, and I love to sit outside, just watching and listening (though I am always willing to go outside and start being crazy, too!).

I can be random.

I ask almost everyone about their favorites (color, food, movie, game, etc.). I am known (among my friends) for randomly changing the topic. One of my friends will tell people she doesn't even know that she is a "rabies-infested, radioactive squirrel" (in fact, that's how she signed my yearbook!).

I can be dramatic.

I am on the Drama and Worship Team at church, I want to find a theater or acting club to join. My nurse calls me a "drama queen" (and so does my entire family... and most of friends....). I can cry, laugh, or scream at some of the tiniest things. Sometimes, I exaggerate on purpose, to be funny -- and other times, I hardly even notice that I'm exaggerating things. Yeah, really.

I can be... myself!

I am all of the above. I am random, dramatic, creative, nerdy, helpful, musical, fun, and funny. I try my best to make people laugh, and to make them feel better if they are upset. I write, and play music... and I have tried writing my own music! (It didn't turn out so well.) My family and I love each other, like each other, dislike each other, fight, laugh, joke..... we're a pretty awesome group of people, if I do say so myself.

Now that you know who I am.....

Tell me, who are you?


  1. I am a big fan of a wonderful teen named Mattie L!

  2. Hi Mattie,
    I LOVE how you see yourself. What a great post!
    Hmmmm let's see, about me: My body is grown up, but sometimes my playful spirit is not, grin. I'm the one out there making a pathway in the snow with my wheelchair, or creating an impromptu sled for ice, Lol. And once I want out and sat down in a puddle that came up to my waist, and played and laughed. Sometimes ya just gotta seize the moment.
    I love to sing my way thru life. Always starting exactly where I am (be that a place of pain, frustration, joy or someplace in-between). It's paramount that I be "real" (otherwise I can't get to the next place from where I am). But in singing where I am, before long where I am changes, and so does my song.....and it's really cool how it works. I discovered this whole thing quite by accident, and have done it on purpose ever since,.
    I'm an artist and writer, so love color and life and weaving it all into a tapestry of joy and transformation.
    I also love to read, and I love, love, love coffee, lol. Oh, and collecting coffee mugs.
    That's a glimpse into my world.
    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into yours!
    Ms Lu