Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sorry I haven't posted anything for so long!!!

I am a little nervous because I am having surgery on September 14th. I'm going to get a new port (and I'm glad that it'll be bigger--the last one they put in was the smallest one they make!), and I'm getting new ear tubes for both ears. I am also getting my BAHA post changed to a longer one (the one I have right now is too short, and skin is growing over it). I've had two operations done at the same time, but I've  never had three in one! My mom says the BAHA post doesn't count as a surgery, because it is really easy and they could've done it in the doctor's office, but I'm still nervous about it!

I'm really really really really really really REALLY excited! We're getting a new chihuahua! His name is Petitas, which means small, and he is only 6 months old!!!!! Mama says we're oing to change his name...and my dad and I want to name him Mr. Quivers! That's what we wanted to name Paco, because he shakes all of the time, but no one else wanted to name Paco Mr. Quivers. My dad is going to bring Petitas home tonight so that we can meet him. He really is small, and he is black all over. I can't wait to see him!!!!!! : )   : )   : )  He is SO CUTE in the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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