Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Poem

Hey guys! I wrote this poem for my Language Arts class, and I thought maybe you'd like to read it! It's a story that I made up about Gabby Douglas. I hope you like it!

Her heart was pounding as fast as a car can race,
She was shaking, and there were beads of sweat on Gabby’s face.
It was her turn to perform on the Olympic uneven bars,
People stared at Gabby like she was an alien from Mars!
She jumped up, grabbed on, started to swing,
Then her hand slipped, rubbed on the bar, and started to sting
She seemed as graceful as a small cat
Until she lost her grip and tumbled to the mat
The light reflected off of her shiny leotard,
While she fell and landed on her back, hard.
Some people laughed at poor Gabby’s mistake,
But she stood firm, solid, Gabby did not quake or shake
Gabby wasn’t at all nervous when she began to swing again,
She twisted, she turned, and she was as fast and graceful as the wind.
Gabby jumped, she twirled, and she spun upon the bars,
The gashes of mistake turned into healing scars.
“You were beautiful! Brilliant!” Gabby was told
She was so surprised and happy when awarded with the gold!
So don’t be afraid to take a second chance,
If you mess up, be like Gabby, and twist and twirl and dance!


  1. Thanks! I really enjoyed writing it. I love poetry!