Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Treasured Tuesday

This poem is for the people who think they don't matter, or they're not enough.
They're wrong.

You walk into the classroom, not
Eagerly, but not particularly dreading it either.
You made sure not to be the
First one to arrive, not do you wait until the
Last minute before the bell.
If someone says "hi", you respond with a small wave, nod, almost unnoticeable smile.
No time for small talk. Not today.
You sit right in the middle of class.
The perfect seat: far enough from
The eager students in the front rows that you
Won't be called on. Not so far back that
The troublemakers can bother you, either.
As the other desks become occupied, you slowly
Begin to blend in. A small wave in the endless sea of faces.
I notice how withdrawn you seem.
Instead of taking notes, you sketch on the edges of your paper.
Instead of flipping through the textbook, you sneak a novel or comic book.
I watch it all out of the corner of my eye.
You always know the answers, but you never raise your hand.
You talk if called on, but only then. You never volunteer.
The majority of the time,
You get through the entire class without uttering a single word.
Just the way you like it.
But why?
You couldn't always have been such an introvert, so shy and quiet.
What changed?
You say there are the
Cute girls, the nerdy kids, the athletic guys. Hardcore, hipster, goth.
You are none of the above, so you assume -- falsely --
That you don't matter.
Unimportant. Replaceable.
But you are wrong.
You think that you are invisible,
Untouchable. Unwanted. Not needed.
Because you are imperfect.
But you are wrong.
I can see you.
I notice every detail: how you let
Your hair fall in your face; when you seem
Tired or sad; your smile, or lack of one.
I see it all.
You think you are invisible, but you are an
Entire universe -- galaxies, the unknown,
Beautiful and new -- all inside the body of a single person.
You are endless. 
Because, to quote one of my favorite authors, John Green:
Some infinities are larger than others.
And you?
You contain such marvelous, awe-inspiring
Ideas and knowledge that the rest of the world has yet to hear of.
You think you are invisible.
But me?
I see it all. And I understand.
You are unique, not perfect. Unique is better, anyways.
You contain an entire infinity.
You matter, and I see it all.


  1. Wow!
    I can just imagine the people who would be thrilled to receive this.
    Nicely Done, Mattie.
    Ms Lu

  2. Thank you, Ms. Lu! This one took me a little longer than most of mine, because I don't usually write poems this long... but I am definitely happy with how it ended up! I wrote this because I've seen so many people at my school act like this, and I am really hoping that anyone and everyone who reads this poem will feel a little better about themselves.