Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Time-to-Rhyme Tuesday!

The title of this post may be a bit misleading. I will be posting a poem, but... it doesn't rhyme! Haha, it's a spoken-word poem, or as some people call it, a free-verse. I've already read this one to my family members, but I'm finally typing it up for the rest of you! Enjoy~

Light-brown hair,
And bright blue eyes
Twinkling with secrets and stories untold.
Pale white skin -- the color
Of the paper this was written on, or perhaps the color of the walls at school.
Long legs, made to run,
Though they don't do that often.
Walking is easier.
Pink lips, sometimes tilting up at the corners, tilting down just as often;
Sometimes wide open with a yawn or a laugh,
Revealing white teeth behind.
The mouth... of a singer.
Hands, pale and smooth;
Left hand calloused from violin strings, right hand a bit small and scarred from  one muscle too few.
Long, thin fingers, seemingly created only to dance across the keys of a piano,
And crafted to hold a pencil with ease.
The hands... of an artist.
Small nose, pointy chin, long lashes.
A shorter neck, stubborn and unyielding...
Never one to back down or, ahem, turn away. Not from any challenge.
A girl -- who takes in everything all at once,
And hopes never to forget it.
And hopes never to be forgotten.

~ Mattie

1 comment:

  1. There's NEVER any danger of you being forgotten!

    HOORAY for music and singing, piano playing and violin,
    for writing and sharing and for reaching out across cyberspace heart-to-heart.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Ms Lu