Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thrilling Thursday

School today was awesome!!

In math, we had a quiz over logarithms -- which I don't particularly love, but the quiz was actually pretty easy! I finished mine early, and got to read until the end of the class.
In language arts, we had a small-group "Socratic seminar". My friends Emilia, Ameena, and Kaci all teamed up with me. We asked each other questions that we had formed about chapters 27-29 of "To Kill A Mockingbird." (I've finished the book already... and it is amazing!!! I can't wait for the sequel -- go Harper Lee!) While we worked, Kaci tried this new hairstyle from Pinterest on me. It looked really pretty, so I left it in. :)
At lunch, my friend Jake (from State Farm) asked me if I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble with him on Saturday! We both love the same books and authors, and I've just recently finished the second book of an AMAZING trilogy that he recommended to me. When I got home from school today, I asked my mom, and she said that I can maybe go... she has to talk to my dad about it. But I'm feeling optimistic!
In chemistry, my class has been reviewing for their Gateway Test all week. I would have been reviewed with them, but there are two problems with that: one, I haven't taken Biology, which is what the Gateway is going to be about this year; and two, I'm only a freshman, so I'm not taking the Gateway! Today, my teacher set up a game to review pretty much every unit of bio: Nutrition, Cell Processes, Genetics, Energy Transformations, and Ecology Changes. At each station, you and the other 3 or 4 members of your team would have exactly seven minutes to write down everything you knew about that particular subject! I asked my teacher, and she said that even though I don't need to review, I could join the review game. I went and joined my friend Lauren's team. I was kind of surprised -- even without taking the course, I knew a lot of the information!! And when we got to the "Cell Processes" station, I started rattling off vocab terms... "mitochondria", "glucose", "ATP", "cellular respiration", etc. Everything that I said was related to the mitochondria (surprise! I know a lot about that!), and I think that we wrote more than any other team!!
In Yearbook, since we've pretty much finished working on the actual yearbook, I just sat in my chair and read a book. I'm currently re-reading "Ender's Game", because it's really good but I've forgotten some of the details/events.
When we got home, I started on my online work. It's not as fun as my on-campus classes, but it's still school! So I can't dislike it, not really.
Yesterday, I actually got ahead in my Health course, so I didn't have to do any work there today. But I did anyways!! Guess who doesn't have to work on Health tomorrow!
In my AP Human Geography class, I've finally caught up on my work. Ever since my last hospital stay, I've been having a little bit of trouble keeping up. But today, I was right on track with the schedule, and only had one assignment! And the one assignment that I had to complete was looking over a PowerPoint about urban development. I finished pretty quickly.
And I didn't have any homework from my on-campus teachers, so I decided to go on and work on my eADAP (electronic Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program) course. This course is required for me to get a driver's license before I turn 18. I got one lesson and a review done in about 20 minutes, and then I was finished with work for today!
So then, I had enough time to log into my blog account and write to you guys while listening to one of my favorite soundtracks. Lindsey Stirling is an incredible musician... I wish I could play violin like her!! If you've never heard of her before, go on YouTube and listen to the song "Shatter Me" (sung by Lindsey Hale). Then, post any thoughts about her musical skills below. I'm counting on you guys!

Did anyone else have a "Thrilling Thursday"? If so, tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. I REALLY enjoyed your take on things. It's sounding GOOD!
    Ms Lu