Friday, March 20, 2015

Free-verse Friday

Hey guys! Today is a "free-verse Friday", so I thought I'd share a poem with you! I initially wrote this one for my Language Arts poetry portfolio. It's about trying to fit in, trying to be "popular". My entire portfolio was school-related; everything I wrote connected to my high school, or school in general. This one just seemed to fit. My teacher's feedback on this poem was, and I quote, "I do not miss being a teenager." That definitely made me laugh -- but yeah, I get what he meant.

What does that mean?
Is “popularity” simply the number
Of friends? Or does it mean
The brand of clothing
The type of makeup
You wear,
You buy,
The amount of money
You spend?
Is it the grade you make in your classes?
What does that mean?
To be “popular”,
Do you have to dress up
Like a Barbie doll:
And lace
And sparkles?
Is “popularity” how happy you are,
How successful you’ll be,
The number of times that you laugh?
To be popular, must you
Lie, cheat, twist people’s words,
Act kind, but attack as soon as their back is turned?
Is that what we all
Strive for?
What does it mean?

1 comment:

  1. I like your poem. (Sounds like your teacher did too).
    I'm not sure what Popular is, I just know I was never "it" in school, Lol. Luckily, that wasn't important to me....but for sooo many folks, it is what matters throughout their entire lives. Oh, I remember, I did "try" once. One of the clearly popular girls and her friends took me wayyyy out into the ball field where nobody could hear, and tried to get me to cuss. I managed to do it by thinking Vancouver Dam, and only saying the last part. Then I was totally mortified by what I'd done, tried to take it back and hated that I succumbed. That was the end of any efforts, Lol.
    I had a car in my Jr & Sr year and drove folks back and forth to church and choir practice....if any popular was involved, I think it was the car, Lol. Good luck with the definition. Keep being yourself. You are a winner.
    Ms Lu