Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A New Poem

 I wrote this for my Language Arts class. It is a poem called an "apostrophe", which is basically a poem that you write to someone or something that is far away, gone, or passed away. This is to my GG.

I miss how we used to sit outside
And just swing, swing, and swing some more

I miss how we used to talk
Every time I came to visit
Every morning and every night
Can you believe how much we talked?
I think we talked about almost everything

I miss how we used to sit and paint
Your sight almost gone
Yet your paintings were beautiful
You captured everything
Everything anyone else would have just pushed to the side
I miss the swish of the brush, and your look of concentration
I will never forget when you told me “your work is beautiful”
For you never complemented lightly

Without meaning to,
You taught me about life
Hard times and struggles
But also about good times and loved ones
GG, I love you and I miss you so much

Thank you for the impact you made in my life

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