Saturday, August 16, 2014

School Poem

Sure You Can Ask Me A Personal Question
By: Alyssa Lorenzen, 8-16-14

Hi, how are you?
            No, I am not a diva.
No, I am not fashion-obsessed.
            No, I am a reader; yes, books.
No, not boy-obsessed.
            No, I don’t hate school.
No, I don’t hate P.E.
            No, I do not sing,
At least in front of people.
            Yes, I am a girl.
            So, that’s where you got your flexibility —
Ballet, I’m assuming,
Or some other kind of dance?
Martial arts?
            Let me guess, white belt?
Oh, so you've practiced for years?
            Let me guess, you still hit like a girl?
 Black belt, quite impressive.
            Let me guess, they went easy on you?
Oh, so you teach classes?
            Let me guess, just the little kids? So hard.
Yeah, it is hard what you say about us.
            Thanks for the apology.
No, I don’t know where to buy blonde hair dye.
            No, this is just the natural me.
Yes, I know what equals 2+2.
            Don’t believe everything you hear.
I don’t know why these jokes are seen as truth.
            But I know that I disprove them all.
Yeah, uh-huh. Hair.
            Uh-huh. Yeah. Fashion. Totally. Shopping.
Uh-huh. Like, make-up. And stuff.
            No, I’m not going to major in cosmetology.
Yeah, some of us wear too much make-up.
            Some just plaster it on.
This isn't hidden identity.

            This is me.


  1. YAY!!! Awesome poem!! :D

    Aly had to write a poem for her Language Arts class, and she enlisted my help. Following the rubric, but still making it as original as possible, we came up with this! I, personally, think it is amazing... :) Maybe I should write ALL of my poems with you, Aly!

  2. Awesome poem. Awesome Teamwork! Awesome gals!
    Ms Lu