Monday, February 6, 2012

Port Surgery

Hi, guys! I'm not sure if my mom already told you this, but since I have a bunch of I.V.s the last couple of months, I am getting a port. The surgery is going to be on March 16th. I'm a little nervous...but I'm excited, too. I'm excited because I won't have to get stuck in the arm with a needle anymore. We've already gone to the doctor/surgeon, Dr. Kim, and he told us about it, answered our questions, and he even showed me what a port looks like! My mom also told me that when I get a port, we can get a port for my baby doll. So, my doll will have glasses, a feeding tube, a port, a wheelchair, a backpack, and a hearing aid! She'll look just like me!
Well, I guess that's all. I thought you guys would just like to know about the surgery.


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