Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey, guys! I'm really excited-and I've been excited all day! I'm excited because my nurses came out, and they started helping us with my medical stuff. I'm having an exciting day, but it's also been a long day. I'm pretty tired right now...but I still feel good! Isn't it weird that I feel good and tired at the same time?

My nurses are really nice, and I really like them, even though I just met them today. I have three nurses, and their names are LaBrenda, Suzie, and Edie. Tomorrow I will have LaBrenda, Wednesday I will have Edie, and on Thursday I will have Suzie. I'm not sure who I will have an Friday.

I know this is kind of off subject, but today I started my new school! I did my first two lessons (both were math) and got 100% on both! The only thing I don't like about my school is the Orientation. :) It take over an hour, and I'm still working on it even though I started it this afternoon. Well, I just thought I'd update you real quick, but now I've got to go eat dinner...Bye!

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