Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Hello again!
    Phew... so, this post is just going to be a quick update about my Gateway testing. I went in and took my Social Studies Gateway yesterday -- and it was actually pretty awesome! The topic ended up being the art, architecture, religion, political/legal system, and economy of the Byzantine Empire. Not only can I write pages about that... but I did! Five of them, just a bit over what I wrote on the Science Gateway. When I first opened up the testing packet and saw "BYZANTINE EMPIRE" written at the top, I may or may not have said, "Yes!! Thank you, God!" ....yeah. My testing proctor and my nurse both laughed at me -- oh, who am I kidding? I laughed at myself. So, not only did I write (type, whatever) a ton, but I also finished my essay over half an hour early! Yay me! I was just so relieved that I didn't have to write about the Latin American Revolutions (though I suppose that means I did all that last-minute studying and cramming for nothing, doesn't it?). Since I was done early, I basically just got to sit there and "color"... I don't know exactly why I put quotes on the word "color", since that is what I was doing, but for some reason the word just doesn't seem to fit. I had finished a drawing I was working on, and was using colored pencils for a finishing touch -- how's that? Haha. Maybe when it's completely done, I'll take a picture and upload it for you.
    It's so weird... I feel like I might have done better on my Social Studies essay than the Science one! I never would have thought that might happen in a million years. Of course, I won't know for a while what my actual scores are, but I do feel fairly confident that I at least passed both of them. I can't wait for my scores to arrive!
     I'm a bit sad, too. See, today is the last day  before spring break -- we don't have school tomorrow, or all of the next week, either! I mean, it will be nice to be able to relax, read, draw, play music, etc. a bit more, but I'm going to miss my friends and my classes. Hopefully, the break won't feel too long... otherwise, I may just go insane at home with all of my family and the animals! (No offense, guys... you know I love ya!) 
     I know I said this post was going to be just a quick update. I lied. I've been writing more poetry lately, in a little journal my sister gave me that says "this is what LIFE looks like" on the front. Since I've got a few minutes before the bell rings for class, I'll go ahead and type one of the poems up for you! It's one of my favorites, and I wrote it just the other day.

Why do I like to read? they ask me.
It's an impossible question to answer,
Because there are so many answers that I could give.
I like to read because:
It's so easy for me, and so thrilling, to imagine myself as a character.
Because so often, I can sympathize with those in the story.
Because books are magical -- they let you escape this world and travel to another; they let you go on adventures without moving a muscle.
Because I am a writer myself. And I know that books are much, much more than the same
Twenty-six letters in a slightly different order.
Because it is quiet, and calming, and peaceful.
But also because I'll be jumping out of my seat in excitement.
Because even if I've read a book before, I will still experience that rollercoaster of emotions as I watch it all play out again.
Because the characters are my friends who will never leave me, so long as I never choose to leave them.
Because the plot, unlike life, is consistent and will never change.
Because books teach me important lessons -- about family, friendship, bravery, beauty, love, hope, strength, and so much more.
Why do I like to read? they ask me.
Do they really expect a one- or two-sentence answer?

Have a great day everyone. I'll post again soon!
~ Mattie

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  1. Hi Mattie,
    HOORAY! Sounds like it was as close to OUTSTANDING as a test can be, grin. Nicely Done.

    Now, come on, you know that the extra cramming really was NOT for "nothing", right? Just not for the test. But somewhere along the line you'll most likely run into someone who's never been able to carry on a conversation with another person about their interest, and voila: There you'll be!

    I hope at least some of your Spring Break weather is as stellar as ours was yesterday. Talk about OUTSTANDING! Mocha and I thrilled in it. We ran to Publix (well, she ran and I rolled, lol) laughing in the breeze, delighting in the sun......and stopped for a soft serve cone on the way home.....something magically fun, even as an adult, to be riding down the road with Mocha, licking a cone! Life at it's best. The server knows me, knows my order (I always jokingly as how his "swirling" skills are today: I like them nice, solid and TALL, giggle) and he said: It must be officially Spring. It's nice to share a chuckle with folks. Connections in the oddest places are, to me, what life and living are all about.

    Yup, I'm right there with you about books. Your Dad and Brother can attest to the fact that I actually live in a mini library. (rather than having a living-room, it's more like a Library/study, with comfy reading chairs/couches. But with wall-to-wall books to choose from).

    Hope you and Author Kelly connect. I think you'll find her book "Praying Upsidedown" pretty neat. As I mentioned, the chapter on prayer-singing's from me.

    Take Good Care!
    Eager to hear how you did "officially" on your tests.
    Love and Prayer-Songs flowing,
    Ms Lu