Friday, September 18, 2015

"For the First Time in Forever"... Friday

   Hey guys!
   Wow... it sure has been a while! How are you all? I'm doing relatively well, considering the past few days. In case you haven't heard, I was admitted to the hospital on Sunday. On Monday, they removed my port, which was very much infected; and on Wednesday the doctors sent me home with a drain. Today is Friday, and I still have not been allowed back to school! Apparently, I am "contagious" as long as the drain is in. I find that rather odd; wouldn't you think it's the other way around?
   I've been sitting around the house, desperately looking for something fun to do... I've emailed all my teachers so that I can catch up on schoolwork. I've worked a bit on the novel I'm writing (I'll tell you more about that in a later post), I've played piano and violin a bit... Last night, my parents went to church, and my grandpa took me and my siblings out to eat. That was pretty fun. I've also worked A LOT on my anime drawings  that I've been working on! I'm now "taking orders" from some of my friends at school; they tell me the names of anime characters they really like, and I look the characters  up and draw them! I'll see if I can figure out how to upload some of my pictures to this post.
   All right, time for a major announcement! You guys ready? September 20-26 is Mito Awareness Week!!! Make sure to wear lots of green, and if your friends ask why... tell them all about mitochondrial myopathy! If you have any questions for me, about mito or my life with mito, please post them in the comments section! I will be going through and answering them throughout the week. I'm also trying to make a few more short, informational videos... I'll upload them as soon as they're done! And, if you would like some cool ideas for how to spread awareness, you can go to this link:
I want to try the Light Bulb Campaign, myself! I wonder if people at my school would buy the light bulbs? Well, you never know until you try, right?
    So, that's about it! I will be posting all throughout Mitochondrial Myopathy Awareness Week. Have a great day, and I'll give you guys an update soon!

These characters are Edward and Winry, from the
anime show Full Metal Alchemist.

Edward and Winry are usually shipped together;
their ship name is EdWin. Aren't they just the

This is Romeo, a fire mage from the anime
show Fairy Tail. He doesn't usually have
cat ears... I just thought he'd be cute as a neko!

This is Wendy, also from Fairy Tail. Her magic
type is Air Dragon Slayer (meaning, support and
healing magics). She doesn't usually have
cat ears, either.

I have to say, this one is my favorite! The character's
name is Skylar Val. And unlike the others, she is not
from an anime or manga. In fact... this is one of the
characters from the novel I am writing! I drew her how
I envisioned her. Skylar's a pretty cool girl.


  1. WOW, Mattie, what an AWESOME Artist you are! These drawings are superb!

    Yup, wrote you a few silly poems while you were receiving the royal treatment at Club Med.
    NOT surprised that you are chomping at the bit there at home. You are one of the most school-loving gals I know (which is terrific--but makes for rather rough non-schooling days).
    Yes, I totally agree: It's THEY who are dangers to you and NOT the other way around. Crazy backwards!
    Glad you got to go out to eat tho. That's great.

    Yup, already planning on wearing green!
    Much Love & Warm Support (and prayers) steadily flowing......

    Ms Lu (and Mocha, too)

  2. Thank you, Ms. Lu! I worked really hard on those drawings!
    I received all of your crazy poems, and I loved each one! They definitely made me smile. I'm really missing school right now, but I think that the drain is starting to slow down. So hopefully, I'll be back soon.
    Tell Mocha that I said hi, and I miss her! :)