Saturday, December 20, 2014

Super-Kid of the Month

The Jim Ellis car dealership does this thing every month where they choose one "super-kid". They post a short article about the "super-kid" on their website, and then send the family to go do something fun.

I have been chosen as the "Supergirl of the Month" for December!! Unlike most of the other kids, I got to write the article about me. Last night, my parents, brother, and my brother's friend Kevin (my sister was busy) all went to the Jingle Ball concert!!!
I have to say... Jessie J and Fall Out Boy were my favorite! Calvin Harris, Jeremih, and Hoodie Allen also performed (but we had to leave before T.I. came out). I think that Jessie J is probably one of my favorite singers now... she sang "Burnin' Up" and "Bang Bang" last night, and she has an AMAZING voice!! How is it possible for anyone to hit those high notes -- and hold them for that long?! Oh, and before I had heard her last night, I had already heard the song "Who You Are", and loved it... only today did I find out that she's the one who sings it!! Makes me like her even more!

Want to hear a funny story?
So on the radio, they've been talking about how the Jingle JAM, not Jingle BALL, was on Thursday. My dad listened to the radio a lot... and somehow he got the two concerts mixed up. On Thursday, we all thought we were going to the concert, and were super excited! I had my mom do my hair, I put on makeup... everything! But when we got to the Gwinnett Center, there was NO ONE ELSE THERE. My dad brought us to the right place, but one day early!!!

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