Sunday, May 25, 2014

... And summer break has arrived.

Hey guys!
So, you know how I'm always talking about school? It's like, school, school, school, school, school every single time I look at past posts! But, um, that's kinda because I really, truly love school!!! And now..... *sigh* ... I'm really sad, because school is out and summer break is here.

See, at my house, we have four dogs (two little chihuahuas and a papillon, in addition to the GIANT chocolate lab). I have an older sister, Alyssa, and a younger brother, James. I also have one-on-one nursing every day! And then on holidays, like Memorial Day, my dad is home from work and we usually go visit family. So, it makes sense that summer at our house is always crazy!!

And my brother loves to play Risk.... and no one else at the house really wants to play it. Ever. At all. Which can make him pretty mad, because you can't play Risk with just one person! Sometimes, he refuses to play any game at all unless it is Risk, or unless you promise to play Risk afterwards!

And my sister is obsessed with these new TV shows, and she's always watching them on her phone. (The Walking Dead? Bones? Castle? Seriously, Aly?) She doesn't want the shows to bother anyone else, so she wears headphones. And then, half of the time when you are talking to her, it turns out that she either a) didn't hear a single word you were saying, or b) she didn't understand a single word you were saying.

And, my nurses are INSANE!! (No offense to any nurse who might be reading this right now.) One of my nurses is absolutely terrified of dogs. She's starting to get used to the little puppies -- you know, the four pound and the six-and-a-half pound chihuahua -- but she still screams every time Raphah, the lab, goes  near her. She also likes to joke about us training him.... because he is still a puppy, and doesn't always want to listen when we tell him to sit, lie down, or wait. The key word for Raphah to know that he's doing the right thing is, "Good!" or "Good boy!" Sometimes my nurse will say, "Good! Good boy, Raphah!" when he's doing the wrong thing. It kinda messes with his training, but she thinks that it is awesome. My other nurse will try to get me to plan out the entire day with her! And usually our plans involve games. Every summer, she and I have a competition to see who can win the most games, total, over the entire break! So we end up having picnics (both inside and out), dressing up my dolls and stuffed animals, and playing games (both electronic and board games).

Sometimes, when the dogs see or hear someone or something outside, they start barking like crazy. My mom and I will be trying to catch them, and make them stop barking -- but we don't usually succeed.... My sister is usually on her phone, with her headphones in, paying absolutely no attention to what is going on around her. Then, my nurse (who is usually terrified of dogs, but at moments like these can be found laughing hysterically) will yell, "James, get the tuba!!!" And so my brother, who was in the 6th grade band at our school (and is moving on to 7th grade advanced band), will grab his tuba and start playing random songs out in the middle of the chaos. Fun, right?

And...... have I mentioned yet that I have a brother, a sister, four dogs (one of which is a giant puppy), a nurse, and sometimes my dad doesn't have to go to work? ... I think I did. Maybe. Probably.

But I can't be sure.


  1. Loved, Loved, LOVED this crazy, fun post!

    Hmmmm I'm wondering what the one at the END of Summer break will say? What sorts of things you've done, what new things Ralphie'ls learned, how far along scaredie nursie's come, if James has any new interests, if Aly's hearing has improved, grin and what insanely fun times you've had?????

    You've done an incredible job dancing with your health issues while literally THRIVING in school. Hope the Summer is at LEAST as Excellent.

    PS Love that you all add tuba music to the chaos......

    Miss Lu and Mocha

  2. Miss Lu ~
    My dad is actually making everyone in the family come up with a list of things they want to accomplish over the break! My sister wants to learn to cross-stitch... my brother wants to learn how to play another song of his choice on the guitar.... my mom and I are talking about pottery and/or making jewelry... I want to learn to play Moonlight Sonata on the piano.... and my dad wants us all to focus on a certain trick to teach Raphah! He is determined that over the summer, we WILL accomplish things. He's actually going to make us a schedule! :P

    ~Mattie <3

  3. One of your nurses sounds very competitive-:)

    Ms. Kristi