Monday, September 2, 2013

The Lights

Hey everyone,
So, the other day, I was trying to write a poem.... I thought up as many rhyming words, but none of them seemed to really fit my mood. But then yesterday, inspiration hit!!! This is what I got:

The Lights
When my head is filled with the rolling thunder,
Sometimes I cannot help but wonder:
Is everyone's life full of pain?
Full of this lightning, and all of this rain?
Is having your head filled with the storm
Truly everyone else's norm?

But then I think of what is mine, 
And the sun comes out and starts to shine.
The things I love, they are real and true!
My old life changes to something new.

I want to be a guiding light,
I will stand out from others, and shine so bright!
Friends, follow me -- I can show you what's true;
I will help you decide what you can do!
You may choose to be another helpful light,
One that is hopeful and one that is bright.
I can help you wipe away the rain,
And lose all the lightning and all of the pain.
So follow me, we will know what to do:
We will find out ourselves what is real, what is true!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this... and I would love it if you shared it with some of your friends! If each of us read this to just one other person, and they shared it with one of their friends... Think of how many people would get this special message. 


  1. Awesome Job, Mattie!

    Well said and well done.
    It IS true that we do not journey alone and the choice IS ours, as to how we view what's going on in our lives.
    You ROCK m'dear!

    Luv Ya,
    Ms Lu

  2. Mattie THAT is WONDERFUL...I could see this set to music..What a Wonderful message...You are such an inspiration...I Love hearing of your accomplishments.. No obstacle is too big for you to overcome...