Friday, February 22, 2013

Last Tuesday

Last Tuesday, I got up early so that I could go to school. Since it was Tuesday, not Thursday, the classes we went to were Language Arts, CIA (Counseling, Intervention, and Advisement), and Math. (On Thursdays, we go to Social Studies, CIA, and Science.)

After we left the school, we went to see my orthopedic doctor, Dr. Bruce. He said that my broken finger is healing pretty well, but that one of the broken bones was rotating. We'll have to watch it to make sure it doesn't rotate any further. I also got an X-ray of my neck, to check my spinal fusion and the stability of my cervical spine.

On the way home from the doctor's office, a lady's car crashed into the back of ours. The crash shattered the whole back windshield, and broke the wheelchair lift that was on the back of the car. When she hit us, we were all thrown forwards, and then jerked back. When my head was yanked back, I hit my BAHA really hard on the seat. My mom called 911, and we rode in an ambulance to the hospital. They took some X-rays of my neck, and then said I was okay, but I would be sore for a while. 

On Friday, we went to the ENT for my BAHA, because I had hit it really hard on the seat and it hurt really bad when you touched it. We saw Dr. Sip, because my regular ENT, Dr. Herrmann, wasn't working that day. My abutment is in my temporal bone, and the doctor thought that when I hit my BAHA, I broke some of the bone around the abutment. If the bone doesn't heal and start feeling better in 4 or 5 weeks, then I'll probably need surgery to fix it. Now I can't wear the BAHA on the abutment, so I have to wear it on a headband. I wish I didn't have to, because hard headbands give me headaches, and the soft one they gave me keeps slipping off! 

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  1. Well you have certainly had LOTS of challenging things thrown your way! Bless you.

    Hmmmmm any way to make a headband out of that really wide elastic (for waistbands and such) sold at fabric stores?

    Heart-Hugs & Prayer-Songs steadily flowing!
    Ms Lu